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too much on my mind right now. can’t bring myself to think coherently about anything that doesn’t have to do with documents, visas, and other personal and work arrangements, hence no new posts. i crave to get out of the city, finally. i want fresh summer rain, wet grass and trees, and minimum human noise. i want water. one of the most mystical feelings i’ve ever had was on a near-empty beach in the water during a strong shower. the rain was so strong i could barely tell where sea water ended and rain began. it was so warm that i almost had an out-of-body experience because of all the water around – something like floating in space. i want that.


last july i visited a dear friend of mine from st. petersburg who at the time lived in the bavarian town of passau. it was a short but perfect weekend that we lightheartedly dubbed ‘pastoral’. we rode bikes through a forest and along a river to reach a farm where we drank apple cider and ate fresh bread with a pâté spread. it smelled strongly of cow dung throughout the journey. the weather was very hot and we took a swim in a lake. despite hordes of people there it was quiet. i enjoy quiet. obviously, it was one of the best weekends i’ve ever spent with a friend.


i was preparing a big beach-themed post selecting images, trying to fit them together… but they were unwilling to cooperate, unfortunately. i had to put the idea away for now.  instead, i turned to my favorite thing which is browsing my photo archives and picking the shots that i feel are secretly talking. the process is highly intimate and quite whimsical. music is important. today’s compilation is helped by noah and the whale, the national, and m83.

i really REALLY like white. to me it’s the perfect color environment for a home and a playground for all the other colors. going through my photo archive, however, i’ve found that i don’t seem to have (m)any photos portraying pure whiteness (well, except for the winter ones but that’s kind of like cheating). why is that, i wonder? i guess the answer is that where i live or visit white is somehow shunned or reserved for “special occasions”. that refers to living spaces as much as clothes. or maybe i simply haven’t been attentive enough… will keep my eyes open.