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a few days from now i will be on my way to england’s lake district where leg one of my outdoor studies course takes place. certainly, it will be an enormous personal challenge for at no point in my life have i had to give up so much for “a promise of a new day”. i hope it is worth it. i’m taking a step back now but only to make a giant leap forward later.

all worries aside, though… naturally, i am looking forward to exploring uk’s stunning landscapes and interpreting their beauty with my camera. this post goes out to all those fascinated with nature and the simple pleasures it can offer oh so bountifully.


august is my favorite month of my favorite season. it sits on the border with fall, my second favorite. the smells of august are deep and noble with just the right amount of hint of melancholia – a harbinger of september’s olfactory feast of decay. august invites comfort, suggests that one slow down, enjoy the moment, and marvel at the world.