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today’s post is really low-fi: photos taken with an old soviet KIEV camera in spb. somehow, the feel of grainy, blurry film imagery suits that city just right…


it’s been raining here in ambleside for the past three days. i am not certain if there were any breaks. every time i look or venture outside the water is there, falling silently to the ground. a hot sunlit sandy beach is where my mind presently goes.

england met me with a heat wave and bird-singing for an alarm-clock. the lake district in the country’s north west is gorgeous with its fells (local word for ‘mountains’), tarns (small fell-top lakes), becks and gills, and of course the big long lakes such as windermere – the biggest of all in the uk.

apparently, october is the rainiest month here. water comes down in showers, sprinkles, and hale or simply hangs in the air as mist. tree trunks are covered in moss and are often overgrown with creeping plants. when entering the woods one might get a menacing feeling. i haven’t quite put my finger on it yet… fells are covered in vast stretches  of bracken that is presently deep-brown in color.

i haven’t quite connected to the nature here, yet. everything is different. the smells relate nothing to me. birds are plentiful but also largely unfamiliar. i must say, though, that spotting two massive herons in a mountain stream was a treat!