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how many people have their idea of a perfect view from the windows of their homes? what IS a perfect view?

“wild and green!”, i would let out immediately. a forest of pines, birches, maples, oaks, aspens… caressing the one-level house i’d own on one or even two sides. you would sit by the huge north window and peer directly through the tree trunks, spotting all kinds of birds and animals. there would be a garden looking in through the south window, full of wild flowers, fruit trees, and berry shrubs. behind it, there would be a natural meadow with tall grass, teeming with life.

the west window would look at a lake or the sea. your eye would float through an open space, to the granite rocks and a patch of sand at the edge of the water, and on across its surface… that’s where the sun would set. in the winter, the water would freeze and the whole area would be a vast white plain.

the whole landscape would change with seasons, highlighting the raw intensity of each of them. no manicured lawns (those green-colored dead zones), no loud people or establishments around. catching a glimpse of a couple of neighbors’ houses some distance away would probably be nice, but only if the neighbors were nice, and aesthetically and environmentally like-minded… of course, the reality is that i have never had a view and an environment even remotely similar to my ideal. and, with the population growing uncontrollably, actually achieving it is becoming harder and harder, if not impossible.

over the past ten years i have moved a number of times, from apartment to apartment in different cities and countries. i have photographs documenting almost each view with the exception of my oslo dwelling that really just claustrophobically looked directly at another building. the curious trend is that many of them are just quick, absent-minded shots that i took without putting much or any effort into, at all. they are not ‘beautiful’ views but they all mean something to me and i am glad i had captured them, even if carelessly.