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I started this blog wishing to explore my own sense of home. Through photography and writing, I wanted to create a quiet and comfortable place for myself, a virtual prototype of that ideal HOME, in the broadest sense, that I have never had and possibly never will have. It is time to admit that it didn’t work. For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to commit to the initial idea. Perhaps it was too private to be housed within the public space of the internet. Perhaps I simply lacked vision. After all, I began blogging as an experiment – to see where it takes me and to learn.

It was important for me to keep it free of all negativity and criticism. I am not a very optimistic person when it comes to the human nature; I stress daily about the myriad things I find unfair, hypocritical or simply stupid. I express harsh judgements and use strong language when I talk about those with my friends. I wanted to stay away from that on my blog, but I feel that a lack of character and the fear of confrontation made it mute and sterile. The truth is that I am a highly opinionated person; at times overbearingly so, I know that. I am also well aware that some of my views are not shared by a majority of any society. Even my friends and family occasionally have difficulty following my reasoning. I do have doubts about it but I hope that bringing opinion to these pages would be a fresh development.

Digging into my understanding of home, I came to a conclusion that its most important element to me is nature and the ability to connect with it in a relatively undisturbed and private manner. That is why, with all of the above in mind, I set out to take this blog in a new direction, with a focus shifted towards nature and the concept of landscape with the inherent issue of the human+nature relationship. I want to combine dream and reality and to concentrate on the beauty of nature and the delicate relations humans might develop with it, while being ready to voice my anger and discomfort at the way nature is routinely treated by humans.

Landscape is a very fitting conceptual framework for this kind of exploration because it includes nature AND humans within the same space. I have been studying landscape for two years now and find its potential as a unifying concept for talking about nature and the place of humans in it quite fascinating. I am at odds with myself about whether there is hope for a harmonious existence of humans with/in nature. To change the course of things for the better, an essential, and rapid, transformation of humans’ cultural attitudes and behaviors is necessary. Is that realistic? I certainly think not. But life is unpredictable and one never knows what cause-and-effect chain reactions it can initiate. I don’t believe I can fundamentally change anything. I also don’t believe, however, that obediently going along with the majority or not saying something when it needs to be said is the right thing to do.




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  1. November 19, 2013

    Alexander, if what you were attempting to express here is a sense of home, and the most important aspect of that is connection to nature, then I think your are highly successful.
    I wrestle, too, with all the awful things that happen in this world, and the way we are destroying it. Our current government seems to be all about oil and large corporations without any regard for the environment and the people. It’s hard to wrap your head around these things.

    I think one of the things that makes it all bearable is nature, and knowing that there are other people in the world who share the same connections and respect to and for the earth. And I think there are a lot of us!

    • November 19, 2013

      I am only touching on the tip of the (melting) iceberg but anyway, you have got me thinking.
      Thank you.

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