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“exploring private geographies of home and identity through original imagery and text”

about this blog:

this blog is devoted to the idea of HOME in the broadest sense – cultural, spatial, emotional. as landscape (both natural and urban) plays an immensely powerful role in how i perceive places, it features abundantly on these pages. no need to say that things can get very personal.

i grew up moving from one place to another with my parents and sister. resettling continued in my adult life, as well. in fact, i am yet again… in transit. there are a few places in the world (some of their features, rather) that i feel an attachment to but there is no place i could call HOME in its full power. in the meantime, the older i get, the more apparent my need for one – both as a social environment where i would feel alive and myself and as a physical space that i would take care of and where i would invite friends and family and just be happy. to me home is a feeling, really, and i gather bits and pieces of it wherever i am.

this blog is somewhat of an attempt to sort those bits and pieces out. i see it as an “inspiration wall” of a kind. trees and birds; family, friends, and an occasional stranger; color and monochrome; melancholy and buoyant; painfully real and fairytale-like; curiously local and comfortingly universal – those are some of the things you’ll find on these pages.

about me:
my name is alexander. i have grown up and lived in central asia, estonia, latvia, east germany, north-western russia, the us, england, and norway. i am based in germany now and am also strongly connected to greece through friends and family.

i never knew what i wanted to be and i still don’t, which some people might say is long overdue at my age but what do they know, right? i studied cultural theory in university and though i never had the chance of actually applying my knowledge in the work place it has brought my way many a life-changing opportunity.

visually, i am drawn to simplicity and pensiveness. i find that nature can be that way. i like abandoned spaces and objects. i am crowd-shy and like solitude. but all that changes when i am with friends and family.

i am fascinated by languages, landscapes, nature, design, science, and good people (oh, and solid sci-fi cinematography!). i equally like to have a heedless laugh and a serious conversation. a glass of wine or a cup of coffee will make it even more enjoyable.



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