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i haven’t been to crete in a few years now. it is at its most beautiful in winter, when it rains. the island turns green, the skies are dramatic, and there is no dust. and almost no vacationers…

rethymno, greece rethymno, greece FPN5000_05_1-517797 FPN5000_06_1-517797 FPN5000_07_1-517797 rethymno, greece FPN5000_22_1-517797 FPN5000_17_1-517797 crete, greece chania, greece rethymno, greece FPN5000_03_1-517797 paralia episkopis, crete, greece FPN5000_18_1-517797 chania, greece rethymno, greece sea and rocks

suomi and ellada. finland and greece. as i mentioned before, a hybrid of the two would be my dream place with select features enhanced and magically fused. flat, filled with meadows and forests of pines, birches, and aspens in the north. mountainous, rocky, minimalistic in its arboreal scarcity in the south. of course, the sea would be omnipresent. there would be thousands of islands off the coast. the inhabitants would be friendly, unpretentious, and polite. they would know how to be silent and how to party, each in its good time. there would not be too many of them so that everyone could have their vis-a-vis with nature when they felt like it…

yellow meadow, southern finland rocks, greece and finland rocky astypalaia, greece