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i haven’t been to crete in a few years now. it is at its most beautiful in winter, when it rains. the island turns green, the skies are dramatic, and there is no dust. and almost no vacationers…

rethymno, greece rethymno, greece FPN5000_05_1-517797 FPN5000_06_1-517797 FPN5000_07_1-517797 rethymno, greece FPN5000_22_1-517797 FPN5000_17_1-517797 crete, greece chania, greece rethymno, greece FPN5000_03_1-517797 paralia episkopis, crete, greece FPN5000_18_1-517797 chania, greece rethymno, greece sea and rocks

these are the colors that i see from my window today: shades of blue-grey. i would not mind if only the sea was actually my view.

too much on my mind right now. can’t bring myself to think coherently about anything that doesn’t have to do with documents, visas, and other personal and work arrangements, hence no new posts. i crave to get out of the city, finally. i want fresh summer rain, wet grass and trees, and minimum human noise. i want water. one of the most mystical feelings i’ve ever had was on a near-empty beach in the water during a strong shower. the rain was so strong i could barely tell where sea water ended and rain began. it was so warm that i almost had an out-of-body experience because of all the water around – something like floating in space. i want that.