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my summer so far is marked by uncertainty and restless anticipation. i have also switched computers and don’t have photoshop on my new one yet. however, i fished some images out of my mobile phone camera gallery, rollipped them and put together randomly. here’s hoping for a heedless and pleasant rest of the summer!


too much on my mind right now. can’t bring myself to think coherently about anything that doesn’t have to do with documents, visas, and other personal and work arrangements, hence no new posts. i crave to get out of the city, finally. i want fresh summer rain, wet grass and trees, and minimum human noise. i want water. one of the most mystical feelings i’ve ever had was on a near-empty beach in the water during a strong shower. the rain was so strong i could barely tell where sea water ended and rain began. it was so warm that i almost had an out-of-body experience because of all the water around – something like floating in space. i want that.